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Build your village, create or join a clan and participate in epic clan battles alongside millions of players. What are you waiting for? Download clash of clan APK 8.67.3 and join the action.
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Aug 24, 2023
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Clash of Clan APK 8.67.3 is an engaging real-time strategy game crafted by Supercell, centered around the construction of virtual villages. In the realm of Android war strategy games, CoC unequivocally claims the top spot, boasting the highest number of downloads, revenue generation, and worldwide popularity.

The game’s objective is straightforward yet remarkably addictive. Upon downloading its APK, you embark on a journey to build and enhance your village, train formidable troops, and engage in epic multiplayer battles against fellow players. These challenges await your strategic prowess. Should you aspire to progress swiftly and fortify your village’s defenses, you can find helpful tutorials and tips on various forums.

Main features of Clash of clan Apk 8.67.3 of Clans for Android

Sure, I’d be happy to describe how you can create your village from scratch and transform it into an impenetrable fortress in a game scenario:

  1. Training Diverse Troops: Start by training a variety of troops for your upcoming attacks. Having a mix of units with different abilities and strengths will be crucial for your village’s defense.
  2. Facing Off Against Thousands of Players: Prepare to go up against a multitude of players from all around the world. The competition will be fierce, but that’s what makes the game exciting.
  3. Creating or Joining a Clan: Consider creating your own clan with friends or joining an existing one. Clan support can provide you with valuable allies and resources to help protect your village.
  4. Participating in Clan Battles: Engage in epic battles between clans. Coordinating with your clan members and devising strategies will be key to your clan’s success in these battles.
  5. Optimizing Troop Combinations: To mount a successful attack, combine your best troops strategically. Some troops might excel at breaking down walls, while others are skilled at ranged attacks. Choosing the right combination is crucial.
  6. Constructing and Upgrading Structures: Build dozens of structures within your village and continuously upgrade them. Stronger buildings not only enhance your village’s defenses but also provide valuable resources for training troops and conducting research.
  7. Fortifying Your Village: Protect your village by erecting sturdy walls, setting traps, planting bombs, installing cannons, and building defensive towers. These measures will deter attackers and make it difficult for them to breach your defenses.
  8. Diverse Troops and Buildings: In the game, you’ll encounter various types of troops and buildings, each serving a unique and essential purpose. Some troops may be specialized for defense, while others are geared for offense. Similarly, different buildings offer distinct advantages, such as resource production or defensive capabilities.

In this immersive gaming experience, your strategic prowess and teamwork will determine the success of your village’s transformation from a humble settlement to an impregnable fortress. Good luck, commander!

Building types

Certainly, here’s the information you provided in a more natural and human-friendly language:

Defense Buildings: These structures play a crucial role in safeguarding the village against enemy attacks. Some of the key defense buildings include archer towers, cannons, protective walls, crossbows, Tesla towers, air traffic controllers, wizard towers, mortars, and infernal towers.

Resource Buildings: These are the facilities where valuable resources are stored. They include exile storage, dark exile storage, gold storage, and gem storage. The specific buildings within this category are the gold warehouse, exile warehouse, gold mine, and elixir collector, along with the builder’s hut, which plays a pivotal role in village construction.

Battalion Buildings: These structures are essential for training, upgrading, and recruiting new troops to bolster your forces. Among the battalion buildings are barracks, dark barracks, spell cauldrons, army camps, laboratories, king’s altars, and sentinel’s altars. These are vital for strengthening your military power and strategic capabilities.

Types of troops


  • The Barbarian King is a formidable leader on the battlefield, known for his strength and resilience. He’s a true warrior who can turn the tide of a battle.
  • The Archer Queen is a skilled marksman, capable of taking down enemies from a distance with her precise arrows. She provides valuable ranged support.
  • The Sentinel is a guardian who helps defend your base. This vigilant hero can detect and target enemies from a distance, making it an important part of your defense strategy.

Dark Troops:

  • Valkyries are fierce female warriors who excel in close combat. They spin through enemies, dealing damage to multiple foes at once.
  • Golems are massive, stone-like creatures with high hit points. They soak up damage and protect other troops behind them.
  • Minions are small, airborne attackers that can quickly target and harass enemy units or structures.
  • Hog Riders are speedy warriors who ride hogs into battle, delivering powerful blows to defenses.
  • Witches summon groups of undead Skeletons and shoot dark energy bolts at targets.
  • Rock Throwers are siege machines that hurl massive rocks at enemy structures, causing significant damage.


  • The Fury Spell enhances the attack speed and damage of your troops for a limited time, giving them an edge in battles.
  • Lightning is a spell that strikes down a bolt of lightning onto a selected target, dealing substantial damage.
  • The Healer is a support spell that heals injured troops over time, helping them stay in the fight.
  • The Ice Spell freezes and slows down enemy troops and defenses, making them easier to deal with.
  • Cloning is a spell that duplicates a group of your troops, creating a temporary army boost.

Dark Spells:

  • The Haste Spell accelerates the movement and attack speed of your troops, allowing them to quickly close in on targets.
  • Poison is a toxic spell that deals damage over time to any enemy units or structures within its area of effect.
  • Earthquake is a spell that inflicts heavy damage to buildings, particularly effective against walls and defenses.
  • Skeletons summon a group of undead skeletons to distract and attack enemy units and defenses.

These are the essential characters, troops, and spells you’ll encounter in the game. Make sure to strategize and use them wisely to achieve victory in Clash of Clans!

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